Thursday, August 26, 2010

Artful Living


As a newbie to the world of blogging, I am thrilled that you have landed on my blog. I am the owner of Sonata - Artful Living at Home. Some call it a gift shop. Others call it a design source. Others call it an anomaly......"This is in Nebraska!?!"

Regardless of your take on my little shoppe, I hope that I can share with you my take on "Artful Living at Home."

I thought I would keep it simple for my first blog (perhaps first-time blogger nerves are kicking in!). In my music teacher role, I always keep a mission statement in my school office. It defines my purpose and keeps me focused and inspired. I guess my first post is not so much a mission statement but more of a list-long mantra for the day. Here goes...

Choose your friends as you would your clothes...warm, witty, and colorful.

Read a book that has real pages.

Don't scrimp on olive oil. Get the good stuff.

Write thank-you notes in black pen and on good stationery. Watch your mailbox for incoming.

Be yourself.

Grow fresh herbs.

Attitude is a choice.

Keep a corkscrew in your picnic basket.

Never give up.



  1. Hi Missy, Congrats on your first post. Great job! I started a blog but had trouble with photos so haven't gotten back to it and I really need to get with it! I spend way too much time looking at blogs but there's so much creativity out there! You'll do a super job of blogging with all of your creativity! Have fun with it.

  2. Thanks Mary! I would agree, posting photos is tricky. I am working on the next post and I am a little stuck. Guess it is time to call technical support! (my husband!)