Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Market Stream of Consciousness

Having just returned from market, I am trying to organize my thoughts on what I saw and experienced over the span of 4 days. Rather than tax my brain with correct sentence structure and punctuation, I thought I would just type the descriptors as they pop in my head. Here goes:

Turquoise, antique white, distressed, coral, birds, antlers, spectacles, ephemera, Atlanta drivers in snow!, quotes, architectural, pearls, crystals, recycled, industrial, more turquoise...

French, vintage, Parisian, British invasion, Union Jack flag, The Beatles, peace sign still going strong, fireburners, monograms, the best olives I've ever tasted in my life!, cheese straws, metal letters, burlap, peacocks, crowns, can we talk turquoise?...

Woven wrist straps, metal clocks, script on everything, mercury silver, antiqued mirror, apothecary labels, Martin Luther King parade, wine labels, Le Madeleine bistro (please come to Lincoln!), metal flowers, beaded wrist straps, eco-cups, blues in all shades (but especially turquoise)...

Wrapped canvases, birds, trunks, turquoise with gray, turquoise with white, turquoise with coral, ottoman cubes, dress forms, moss, big rings, boots on every woman attending market, Christmas 2011,and more turquoise!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Suitcase or Suit to taste?

I am headed to market in Atlanta and so begins the struggle of deciding what to pack. It is daunting to anticipate all of the women wearing very high heels as they work their way through the showrooms. I, on the other hand, am a dedicated "flat" girl who must rely on her sense of style in a pair of comfortable, low shoes. As I stare at my overloaded suitcase, my thoughts turned to how travel has changed and our means of transporting our shoes along with it. Taking it a step further, how can we incorporate these traveling time capsules into our home decor?

Steamer trunks used to be the suitcase of choice. (I am now truly grateful for my suitcase on wheels!) Heavy, bulky, and the perfect coffee table with storage!

Perfect in a craft room or office for storing crafting or office supplies. Cover your own suitcase with photographs, maps, or my personal favorite....sheet music!

This looks just like an old suitcase of my grandfather's. Anchor on a wall with a small metal L bracket (thank you Home Depot!) along with photographs of loved ones or favorite places of travel.

Ah, the dog's life! My dog, Charlie, would LOVE this!

Stay tuned over the next week. I will do my best to bring you a taste of the Atlanta market and what might in "store" for Sonata!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Through the Looking Glass

A very dear friend and customer asked me a wonderful question on the Sonata Facebook page: "What do I use to fill my glass jars during those "in-between" times?" It is usually fairly easy to find fillers when it is holiday time....ornament balls for Christmas, Easter eggs for Easter, etc. But what do you use for filler when there isn't a pertinent holiday? While I love to see jars filled with pasta or lemons or cotton balls and swabs, take it a step further and think outside of the box...or glass, that is! Here are some ideas to consider:

For the chilly month of January, toss in colorful balls of yarn. I love the combination of comfy, cozy yarn with elegant glass!

Rocks? You bet! This is works well for a contemporary yet "earthy" look!

No, I haven't lost my marbles. I just put them in a jar!

I love taking everyday items and grouping them en masse! Gather some old doorknobs and you have an instant conversation piece.

Vintage eyeglasses! Gather at thrift stores or flea markets...or if you are my age, just look around the house! Add two or three pairs to a simple jar, and you’ll have a display that everyone will want to “see.”

Wheat grass is so crisp and fresh! While this one takes a little more time and patience, the wait is definitely worth it!

Glass is so simple yet so stunning when paired with its contents. Take a walk through your home and see what you find!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fashion Forward

Best decorating tip I can give for the new year....open your closet! Yes, open your closet! Your decorating style is right there among the shoes, scarves, sweaters, even sweatpants. Sometimes it is the color....sometimes it is the texture....sometimes it your favorite cardigan with your favorite shoes. Sometimes it is that runway dress that you would only wear in your imagination! Take what warms your fashion sense and apply to your room decor.

Couldn't resist sharing some photos that have inspired me