Sunday, August 21, 2011

Autumn Inspiration

With the change of season, I am always eager to change displays. Fall offers a wonderful opportunity to rearrange and redisplay. Oh, how I love fall! I was deciding on the direction of this display until I ventured into my hall closet. I was inspired by some old wallpaper that had exactly the color combination I was looking for!

Instead of going with the usual fabric tablecloth or runner, I decided to use some leftover wallpaper as a runner (and protective layer for the table.) This lovely stripe from my dining room in a previous home had the perfect shades of fall for this display. Just cut and let hang over the edge!

I love using trunks and other small pieces of furniture in displays. I found this vintage grey/black suitcase.....definitely a no frills piece. However, it provided another great wallpaper opportunity. I lined the underside of the lid with the companion wallpaper from my old dining room and used the stripe paper to line the inside. Instant fall color and pattern!

Varying the heights of objects keeps the eye moving and the interest alive. This golden tortoise glass vase was the perfect vessel for these fall florals. Have I mentioned I love fall!

Applause! Applause! These florals are the perfect backdrop for this bronze-colored clapping hands sculpture.

Small Pumpkins on a floral stem.

Can't help but add a purse! Available in brown or black....classic with a shot of animal print!

Always need to consider the display from the back side!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Artful Dressing

I like to mix it up at Sonata with the products and ideas that we offer. We have always had fun bringing you beautiful and unique jewelry, scarves, and purses. Now I am thrilled to offer apparel on Sonata! On trend, excellent quality, and ageless, I am in love with the fashions that I found for you! Let's take a look at a few goodies!

Samantha shows us a beautiful black knit dress with luxurious ruching and style. Worn alone with a pop-of-color scarf or layered underneath a patterned jacket, this will be one of your favorites in your closet.

Layering is key in building your wardrobe and this purple dress is a great start. It has a lovely subtle pattern woven into the fabric with a charming neckline and cap sleeves. Madeline wears this with leggings, boots, and a giraffe patterned scarf. Later, she adds another layer with a fantastic patterned jacket.

Love adding layers!

I am a child of the 70's and love the bohemian trend! This flowing tunic nips in slightly at the waist for a great combination of style and comfort. Buttery soft with beautiful embroidery and mini-tassel details, you'll see me wearing this one!

Gorgeous embroidery with a stunning lace panel on the back. The gauzy scarf adds additional color and texture.

Of course, we have to show some purses. Love the cross-body style!

Statement owl necklace. This guy is about 3 inches long!

This was the BIG thing at market! Wrap watches combine textured leather, elegant watch faces, and little shots of bling on the strap. Available in black, silver, brown, and the softest pink, these are incredibly comfortable and look great on the wrist.

Scarves in warm autumn colors.

Football is just around the corner! Available in clear bling, red bling, or red/black bling, most women have been buying these stretch rings to wear on their pointer finger. Go team!

Stop in and check out the new styles! See you soon!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Salvage

Who doesn't love a good comeback! I found this reversible display piece during a few random moments on craigslist. The photo was fuzzy and the description a little cryptic. The words that caught my eye were "jewelry display!" Now most of you know that I like to display jewelry in unusual ways....hanging from a lampshade, tacked in the middle of a photo frame, dangling from the neck of a beautiful vase. But I also love to create a "boudoir" display... sort of like finding buried treasure on your dresser. Here is my potential treasure dresser ready for transformation.

I believe this piece lived a former life as a display piece for Talbots. How it made its way to someone's garage and onto my computer screen is anybody's guess. One quick pick-up trip later and I had a new summer project. The hardest part was lifting it out of my van. This was heavy!

I was inspired by some drawer knobs that we had sold at one time in the shop. Together with some beautiful patterned papers, I was ready to tackle my project.

Black high-gloss paint on the the wood, papers adhered to the inset spaces, and one fabulous drawer (now door!) knob!

And now for that heaviness problem. I need to be able to move this easily by myself instead of waiting for three available people. Ah, the beauty of caster wheels!

I spray painted the detachable jewelry rolls and, voila!, I have a portable, reversible, accessory display piece!

Now it is time to load it up. Time for some bling!