Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer Salvage

Who doesn't love a good comeback! I found this reversible display piece during a few random moments on craigslist. The photo was fuzzy and the description a little cryptic. The words that caught my eye were "jewelry display!" Now most of you know that I like to display jewelry in unusual ways....hanging from a lampshade, tacked in the middle of a photo frame, dangling from the neck of a beautiful vase. But I also love to create a "boudoir" display... sort of like finding buried treasure on your dresser. Here is my potential treasure dresser ready for transformation.

I believe this piece lived a former life as a display piece for Talbots. How it made its way to someone's garage and onto my computer screen is anybody's guess. One quick pick-up trip later and I had a new summer project. The hardest part was lifting it out of my van. This was heavy!

I was inspired by some drawer knobs that we had sold at one time in the shop. Together with some beautiful patterned papers, I was ready to tackle my project.

Black high-gloss paint on the the wood, papers adhered to the inset spaces, and one fabulous drawer (now door!) knob!

And now for that heaviness problem. I need to be able to move this easily by myself instead of waiting for three available people. Ah, the beauty of caster wheels!

I spray painted the detachable jewelry rolls and, voila!, I have a portable, reversible, accessory display piece!

Now it is time to load it up. Time for some bling!


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