Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Market Stream of Consciousness

Having just returned from market, I am trying to organize my thoughts on what I saw and experienced over the span of 4 days. Rather than tax my brain with correct sentence structure and punctuation, I thought I would just type the descriptors as they pop in my head. Here goes:

Turquoise, antique white, distressed, coral, birds, antlers, spectacles, ephemera, Atlanta drivers in snow!, quotes, architectural, pearls, crystals, recycled, industrial, more turquoise...

French, vintage, Parisian, British invasion, Union Jack flag, The Beatles, peace sign still going strong, fireburners, monograms, the best olives I've ever tasted in my life!, cheese straws, metal letters, burlap, peacocks, crowns, can we talk turquoise?...

Woven wrist straps, metal clocks, script on everything, mercury silver, antiqued mirror, apothecary labels, Martin Luther King parade, wine labels, Le Madeleine bistro (please come to Lincoln!), metal flowers, beaded wrist straps, eco-cups, blues in all shades (but especially turquoise)...

Wrapped canvases, birds, trunks, turquoise with gray, turquoise with white, turquoise with coral, ottoman cubes, dress forms, moss, big rings, boots on every woman attending market, Christmas 2011,and more turquoise!


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