Monday, May 9, 2011

My Middle Name is Patience

I have carried Sid Dickens Memory Blocks at Sonata longer than any other item in the past five years. My sister first introduced me to these treasures several years ago and I have been hooked ever since. Actually, my entire family is hooked. Most of us have a "Sid Wall" in our home. This might sounds like a bunch of copycats, but when you look at each individual wall, you are struck by the individuality of the owner.

Here is the "Sid Wall" at Sonata on Monday (post-Mother's Day.) Definitely time for the nails to hold memory blocks instead of dead air and my impatient gaze. I'm watchng for the UPS truck to stop by. Oops, he just flew by. No Sid yet!

I can't wait for the order to come in. Any minute now....

Any day now...

Do I hear crickets???

Any "Moment" (actual title of this GORGEOUS block!)

Decided to call Sid myself! Unavailable? (creating greatness no doubt!) Instead, I talked with a very helpful Sid Dickens customer service rep. Shipping from Vancouver and going through customs takes time. (I knew that and I am sure I would have been tongue-tied if I had actually asked to talk to Sid himself!) Good news...The shipment is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (Thursday)!

Sid himself! I like to imagine him sitting in my living room giving me background details on every block!

I'll just sit on my chaise and wait. Tomorrow is another day! The sun will come out tomorrow! Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya' tomorrow!

Till tomorrow!

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