Thursday, September 8, 2011

Knock, Knock

Question: "Missy, have you done any neat things with old doors and windows? I have an old door and window from my grandparents' farm, and want to do something with them that isn't too country."

Scour any flea market and you will likely come across an inviting pile of old doors or windows that have survived both time and demolition. What is it that calls us to take a closer look, risk being covered in cobwebs, and run our fingers over the worn patina? On the surface, I know that I am drawn to architectural detail. A chipped and flaking moulding can make my heart flutter! Add two-tone paint with hints of bare wood and I am sold!

Yet, there is more to this than just old wood and paint. I believe that windows and doors are the face of a home. They are the smiling welcome that invites you in to see what lies beyond. More importantly, they carry the stories of their owner. Are those chips the result of grandchildren flinging the door open to greet their grandma? Did the windows frame the view of a worried parent waiting for their teenager to make curfew? Were they painted and repainted with the changing decorating style of its owner? Perhaps I am romanticizing a bit, but you have to admit that windows and doors are the openings to our inner home.

At Sonata, I have always love using window frames and doors in my displays.

This door was covered with cobwebs and layers of dirt when I discovered it at a flea market. After several hours of gentle cleaning, this door became a centerpiece behind the Sonata counter. I love the interesting moulding, bare wood peeking through the worn paint, as well as the open window that allows me to display an additional focal point, in this case a metal window box.

This was a pretty nondescript hollow core door that I found in a salvage yard. I painted it a royal purple and attached two "royal" hooks: one for jacket and one for the purse.

These narrow open ironwork doors are actually new doors made to look old. I hinged and fit them in the doorway that leads to our back hallway. Great idea for any set of door panels!

Here are a few more inspired ways of incorporating these gems into your home.

How simple is this! Propping a door in an interesting spot add interest and color definition in this space.

Function and style in one horizontal turn! The rug and the chairs keep this door tabletop looking loft-like and boho-chic

Propping with a twist! Wire a decorative light fixture or hang a simple candle sconce.

Don't forget the windows! Add new glass to an old window frame!

Attach vintage or sepia tone photographs for a fantastic display!

Almost forgot! My opening photograph is of another hollow core door that I spray painted with chalkboard paint. We are having a fun playing with our new signage!


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