Monday, September 20, 2010


I love Halloween! As a child, I could hardly wait until my mother said it was all right to pull out our three life-size cardboard cut-outs and tape to the front picture windows. Halloween decor has definitely evolved over the years and has now officially arrived at Sonata! However, rather than fill the shop with cute orange jack o'lanterns and develish figurines, I have decided to focus on decor items that serve double-duty....items that can spookify your home but also can be used in your decor throughout the year. Double-duty Halloween, so to speak.

Take one garden urn, top it off with a tray, add some Hitchcock birds, and voila!....instant creep!

These canvases are actually beautiful, sculptural images of winter trees. The black and white photography would be striking in any home. The stark twisting of the limbs give an eerie twist when included in a goulish atmosphere.

Perch a "scary" cutout on the shade of a black lamp. When illiminated, it creates a a even scarier effect!

Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" is one movie that totally freaks me out! Attach a creepy bird to the rim of a glass hurricane jar or to the lip of a cast iron candlestick. Feel the chills!

The most sophisticated skulls I have ever seen! Put a votive (real or battery operated) and watch these eyes come back to life!

Witch on wheels!

One creepy skeletan with a platter of spiders! Spiders not your thing.....add candy!

Of course, I have to include some Halloween about some toothy bobbleheads!

Sophisticated witch hat headbands!

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Wow, you've got some really fun Halloween decor! I love the birds! And those skulls are great. I'm going to try and stop by tomorrow nite if Kelly's up to shopping--baby due soon!