Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Symphony Sid

In a boutique of everchanging accessories, the Sid Dickens Memory Blocks have long been a staple at Sonata. I never tire (at store or home!) of looking at the blocks. It seems that I see something new each time. Perhaps my mood of the day affects me, but I see different cracks, different chips, and different color shades each time I look.

As I prepare to send in my final order for this year (it generally takes about 6 weeks to get in), I am eager to say hello to incoming blocks and sad to say good-bye to retiring blocks. Here are some of the retiring blocks. If you would like me to order one of these retiring blocks, please let me know by Monday, Oct. 10 so I can include it on these last order of the year.




"Imperial Column"

"Music with Moulding"


I love them all but have a particular penchant for the music-themed blocks! Order now for holiday gift-giving!

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