Monday, September 13, 2010

You're Invited! Decorating with Books

Books fascinate me. As a child I devoured every book I could get my hands on. My weekly trips to the library got my heart racing as I chose new books as well as a couple of favorites for re-reading. My bookworm (some say nerdish) status was sealed in stone when an English teacher told my mother to not let me read my novel during my brother's high school football game. (I did look up when we scored!)

However, my love of books transcends beyond the story inside to the beauty of the cover outside. A favorite furniture purchases was a three piece bookcase in which I could display all of my beautiful books that had previously been packed in boxes. To line up the Jane Austin spines, to group the "English History" section (took up an entire 1/2 shelf!), to display my book "friends" for the world to see (at least the part of the world that came through my living room!) still my decorating heart. (the design books took an entire shelf!)

If space and architecture permitted, my books would call this wall home!

Oh, give me an empty armoire, and I'll fill it with bookish charm!

There is a world of decorating creativity that exists beyond the bookshelf! Books as levels, books as artwork, books under glass! And let's not stop there! There are numerous ways of creatively using the pages of a book. (best if you use books you didn't like as this involves some therapeutic ripping!) Folded accordion pages, pages as wallpaper, pages in frames....follow me? Are we on the same page? (sorry, couldn't resist.)

To make sense of my rambling list, please join me at Sonata on Thursday, Sept 23 at 7:00 p.m. for a free seminar on Decorating with Books, on or off the shelf. I will share tips, projects, and ideas for decorating and expressing yourself with the books that you read. Reservations are requested with a minimum of 10 bibliophiles needed. Please call Sonata 325-6786 or email me at to let me know how many of you to expect.

Cheers! (back to my book!)

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  1. Followed you here from Deb's the book theme...I teach college comp part time-also a former I love books! Glad you spoke out...I will join the followers!