Thursday, July 21, 2011


T265 "Travellers"

Sid Dickens has released his newest collection: "Reflections"
I love the title of this collection because I think it describes so perfectly the allure of these blocks. I think when we look to the past, we so often see a reflection of ourselves. Each of these works of art captures a bit of the past and reflects what it meaningful back to us.

Let's take a look and see how they reflect you!

T264 "Opera 1827"

T270 "Hidden Truth"

T267 "Mystic Love"

T266 "Promise"

T268 "Equinox"

T269 "Child of Light"

T263 "Gate to Paradise"

T262 "En La Kesh"

Because each block is hand-made, it can take a bit of time for these to arrive. If you are thinking of gifts for fall or Christmas, it is not too soon to order. Call the shop if you want one earmarked for you! I will be sending in the order for Sonata in a few days.

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