Monday, July 11, 2011

Last of a Good Thing

From the day that I opened the doors of Sonata, we have carried the large metal letters in a variety of patinas. They were always at the top of my list of gift ideas: wedding, housewarming, anniversary, birthday....Wide enough to sit on a surface but including a sawtooth hanger for hanging, these were the perfect home/office accessory for women or men. Alas! The vendor has decided to discontinue the line! SO SAD!

As a last good-bye to these favorites of mine, I am offering a closeout deal of 30% off each of the letters. The photo shows all that I have left. All are in the rust patina. At the time of posting, we have: C,D,F,I,K (not shown)L,O,P,R,X (how about hanging OX for that honey of yours!) Lucky are you who has use of one of these remaining initials!

(P,R,L,K have now sold.)

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